This workshop is designed to be a quick, basic intro to creating video for social media or your website.  If you would like to use more video on your website or social media but aren’t sure where to start, this workshop is for you.

Here are some of the items demoed or mentioned in class.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Hardware Suggestions


Pop Lavalier Mic
usb mic adapter

PoP voice Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone Omnidirectional Condenser Mic for iPhone Android Smartphone. Great for interviews or narration. Will require a usb c adapter for most modern smartphones. Link

Adapter Link


Rode VideoMic Go II

This is a directional mike that allows you to pick up sound from the direction it is pointed. Works directly with smartphone, computer or camera. Link (there are no authorized distributors of this on Amazon)


Ulanzi VL120 mini video light. Works as a fill light, backlight or small main light for closeups. Link


GVM 80 wt light kit Link

Neewer LED Bi-Color Studio Round Lighting, Ultra Thin Studio Edge Flapjack Light, 18-Inch 70W Dimmable Portrait Light Link
(does not come with light stand see below)


Mounts and Stands

ULANZI MT-08 Mini tripod, hand grip and selfie stick.

Ulanzi ST-27 metal phone mount for smartphones. This is the most secure one I have found.
Ulanzi ST-27 Link


For any light set that doesn’t come with stands, you can search amazon for “basic light stand set”.

Software Suggestions

CapCut is a a free video editor available on nearly any platform. It is best known for being used on a smartphone for editing and publishing TikToc videos.

It has a desktop version and lots of AI assistance for making nearly any kind of video, making it a great choice for most of your needs.

If you need absolutely the best available editing (but with a steep learning curve) most editors would choose either Adobe Premier $$ or the one Hollywood studios use – DaVinci Resolve.

Resolve is unique and has lots of people moving to it because its free and the most powerful. Quite a difficult combination to beat.


Edit video from a transcript like editing a Word Doc.
This one is best for recording and editing training videos, screenshares, interviews and similar videos. Cut a paragraph and it cuts the video for you.

This is the video editor for people who hate video editors.

There is a free tier to try.